Tell My People


Gilber Sanchez 2016 and Yeinis Hernández 2017 

“Before attending TMP, we were working aimlessly and wearing out. We are Grateful because we can say that TMP marked our lives, and ministry, and brought us spiritual growth, both in quality and quantity.”

“After our training in TMP we felt the commitment to extend our leadership and calling to form a Ministerial Preparation School "EPM" in our church with the objective of developing the Leader or Minister in their call of service to Christ, building leaders to impact nations. We have seen the support of God because leaders of other churches have been motivated to attend acquiring the biblical understanding we teach.”

In the midst of what is being experienced worldwide with the pandemic and even more so in Venezuela with the crisis they were already facing, they are carrying out a RESCUE 24:11 project that is for Evangelization in areas with the lowest resources. Working in 12 neighborhoods of the city, they share the word in homes, take a census to verify the families with the most need to bring them bags of food. This has brought more hard work, but they are passionate about what God is allowing them to do. And in this way, they have been able to reach many people to bring them into the Kingdom of God. They will continue to do this with Love and Passion.