Tell My People



Pastor, Samuel Santa María – 2006 TMP graduate, México: “The Holy Spirit gave me new strength to continue pastoring, planting new churches, and worshiping the Lord along with my family. All this was possible thanks to the Ministry Training in Leadership that I received in TMP.”
Omar Méndez – 1990 TMP graduate, México: “The teachings I received from the Lord through TMP ministry, continue molding my walk and service in Christ to the present day. God bless all who serve in TMP.”
Jason Carter: “Dear Tell My People, grace and peace in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ from Edinburgh, Scotland! I am a missionary working in Equatorial Guinea with various Pentecostal churches. I have several pastor-friends who have benefitted greatly from their trips to Harlingen; many thanks for your continued ministry amongst the leadership of Equatorial Guinea. God Bless.”
Pastor, Jesus Owono Esono: “The seed that Sister Helen planted in me has giving much fruit… I always pray for TMP, because you have given me an excellent foundation for the work of God and all that I learned in TMP has been a good tool for my ministry. TMP has given me a solid foundation and good strategies to continue preaching the Gospel of the Lord. Thanks for the message. God bless you all in TMP.”
Pastor Chester Gross, TMP instructor from Renton, Washington. “Between all the churches and pastors attending TMP conferences, you are reaching somewhere around 500,000 people. If every pastor takes what they learn from just one conference and teaches it in their churches, we can make a change in our world. This made me think. After teaching at TMP for 20 years with students from over 25 countries, if they take even just one truth or topic and go home and teach it, TMP would reach tens of thousands.”
Board member Dorothy Pogue. Kenedy, Texas: “Our relationship with Helen and Dale Lynch began in the 1980’s, opening an avenue to be part of spreading the Truth of God’s Word. My husband Lacy and I have seen that by supporting TMP monthly plus giving into the Scholarship Fund, many souls are being brought into the Kingdom of God at exponential rates. After all, “Fantastic Adventures in Trusting Him” is what FAITH is about.”
2006-2007 TMP graduates, Samuel and Genara Santa Maria. Lima, Peru: “Missions has always been in our hearts and going to TMP gave us the spiritual courage, strength and love needed to impact young men who call themselves “The Devil”, “Torture”, “Assassins”. Our purpose is to unite the two most dangerous gangs in Peru under Jesus Christ (each gang has approximately 1000 members). Our eternal gratitude goes to all who gave us this opportunity to make a difference.”
2011 TMP graduate Senior pastor Eugenio Ondjigui. Equatorial Guinea, Africa: “I will be sending leaders to TMP and would like to return at a later date and take another course. I have never received such powerful Biblical teachings as I have received there.”
1989 TMP graduate Francisco Guzman. Cd. Victoria, México: “I want to thank you for all the excellent instruction received in TMP; it really marked my life and those foundations are still with me. I have been in 11 countries and I am president of the International Association of Christian Camps in Mexico and Latin America. Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to study at TMP. I still remember the old house where TMP began in 1988 and I was a young student.”
Ronald Wright, AAI, LUTCF, TMP Board member. Sugar Land, Texas: “We have been supporters of Tell My People for over 20 years. Visiting with TMP alumni is an extremely rewarding part of serving at Tell My People. To hear how these newly energized evangelical leaders have put the knowledge they have learned from the TMP training to work is amazing. We have the opportunity to personally witness God’s Hand at work around the world, multiplying the teaching of this great ministry.”
Pastor Antonio Perez, 1993 TMP ordained alumni. Maturin, Venezuela: “You were a pioneer in Venezuela with the TMP Leadership Conferences you conducted in our country, Hna. Helen. We have seen the resulting turn to unity in leadership and the growing hunger for God’s word. “
Carol McAdams, McAdams Designs. Dallas, Texas: says of her affiliation, “The excitement of serving on Tell My People board is the joy of watching the creative process, imagining the possibilities for the organization, and continually being amazed at what the ‘Ultimate Creator’ has in store.”
In Italy, Patricia Balarezo, 1998 TMP graduate: “TMP marked my heart; you have been and continue to be my inspiration.”
Pastor Joel Fernandes, alumni 15th Generation and Instructor since 2011: “I’m blessed with the opportunity given by God to be trained in TMP. It was perfect to help me with the ministry that the Lord called me to do. I have a wide vision about his calling, better understanding about what and how He wants it to be, and the best of all, FREE of all the religious attachments that comes with us when we first arrive at TMP.
TMP is part of my life since 1996, I am very thankful for what TMP did to my life, helping me to be more mature and steady in God’s words, and I am very glad for the opportunity to share our Identity with Him to new generations as an instructor at TMP.”
Pastors David & Sara Aguilar, TMP instructors from Harlingen, Texas:
“Knowing Dale and Helen Lynch for the past 16 years and participating with TMP ministries has been a great experience. Seeing the lives of church leaders adjusted and transformed by what the Spirit of God does is truly amazing, we know that everything rises and falls through leadership. That is why being part of Dale and Helen and their ministry through TMP has been very instrumental in touching the lives of many throughout the nations. Seeing their lives moved to a new dimension in understanding and in the Spirit has been an enriching experience for Sara and I. We believe that many lives have been revolutionized by TMP ministries and they will never be the same again!”