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Antonio Perez, MIL 1993
“I have completed 40 years of ministry in preaching and teaching the word of God and I am grateful to God and TMP for giving me the opportunity to serve the Body of Christ.”

“As pastor of a church in Venezuela for 13 years, I knew very little of the true Biblical doctrine, so the church was full of legalism and old traditions. This did not help toward the growth of the people or my church. In 1993 God gave me the opportunity to attend TMP. I can declare with all sincerity that the biblical training I received at TMP changed my life and my ministry. It was something wonderful to behold all that I received. When I returned to Venezuela, I implemented changes in the church, and it grew immensely, and we established another church in that region.”

In 1994 Antonio began a joint work with leaders of rural churches in his province as well as other provinces by teaching for three months with videos and materials provided by TMP. “More than 450 pastors and leaders received this course of empowerment.”

In 2005 God opened doors in Brazil, on the border of Venezuela, where we traveled teaching many pastors and leaders. They received the teachings with great joy and the work continued in that part of Brazil.

Then in 2018 when people fled Venezuela because of the critical political situation, many went to Brazil. God told me to move to the region where I had ministered for years, and with the local pastors help find places for the Venezuelans to live, give them food, and set up Brazilian language classes to help them become adjusted and employed. From the refugees, I have begun a wonderful new church for the Venezuelans and God is blessing us.


Gilber Sanchez 2016 and Yeinis Hernández 2017 

“Before attending TMP, we were working aimlessly and wearing out. We are Grateful because we can say that TMP marked our lives, and ministry, and brought us spiritual growth, both in quality and quantity.”

“After our training in TMP we felt the commitment to extend our leadership and calling to form a Ministerial Preparation School "EPM" in our church with the objective of developing the Leader or Minister in their call of service to Christ, building leaders to impact nations. We have seen the support of God because leaders of other churches have been motivated to attend acquiring the biblical understanding we teach.”

In the midst of what is being experienced worldwide with the pandemic and even more so in Venezuela with the crisis they were already facing, they are carrying out a RESCUE 24:11 project that is for Evangelization in areas with the lowest resources. Working in 12 neighborhoods of the city, they share the word in homes, take a census to verify the families with the most need to bring them bags of food. This has brought more hard work, but they are passionate about what God is allowing them to do. And in this way, they have been able to reach many people to bring them into the Kingdom of God. They will continue to do this with Love and Passion.


Pastor Victor Leal Rodrigues, Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexicoa 1988 TMP graduate and TMP ordained minister, was formerly a professor in Electrical Engineering. Since his graduation, Victor has collaborated in planting new churches, as well as taking the Word to and empowering leaders in Central America, South America, the Caribbean Islands, Spain, and Africa. He has traveled to China, where he taught the Word of God to leaders in several cities.

In April of 2002, Victor and his wife Silvia Alicia Amaya, a 2006 TMP graduate and ordained minister, founded the Christian Center in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico. “We are conscious that in this day it is not sufficient to just be a believer, but instead it requires leaders to develop leaders, not just followers. Leaders are needed who understand that the love and grace of God is the only answer for the turmoil in our country, and that the harvest is plenty. Training believers to be leaders, we can multiply and reach the world in need of answers, and the answer is Jesus Christ.”

Victor currently operates as Sr. pastor of Christian Center Matamoros, acting secretary of the Matamoros Ministerial Alliance, and secretary of the Christian Centers of Christians in Action in Mexico.


Joan and Carmen Bel, 2005-2006 graduates, from Spain; Joan is an ordained minister under TMP. They began “Asosiacion Nuevos Pasos” (Association of New Steps) and went on to begin a work in Peru in the poorest regions, organizing food programs, beginning day care centers and orphanages. They were then given the opportunity to teach in public schools that Jesus Christ is the answer to stopping child abuse. With success in their growing work, the Bels followed God’s leading and moved to Bolivia, where they first established a Asosiacion Nuevcos Pasos reaching out again to the poorest children, and have established a new church.

Dominican Republic

Mirelis Agramonte, Dominican Republic, 2012 TMP graduate. “I want you to know that through the teachings I learned in TMP God has given me messages of faith unimaginable to me. It is as if I touched the invisible. In each one of the churches, where I have preached these messages, the glory of God has been with me and I could see how the Spirit of God convinced the people. God used me to strengthen the faith of His people. What a great gift! It was very necessary for me to receive TMP Training; for me, my family and for many others. How I yearn to see you again. Thank you.”

Mirelis is a doctor, served in the DR military, and had been serving with her husband in a denominational church. When their hard religious rules began to affect her family, she knew God had much more to teach her and applied for the TMP training. What a marvelous change from a hard heart to one open to God’s great love and compassion.