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The Summit – for TMP Graduates

It is a program of renewal and innovation for our graduates. During the walk in the ministry it is evident the lack of strategies, tools and forces, of men and women involved in leadership. It is very necessary to have a time of spiritual, emotional and mental revitalization. Leadership Summit is a time of retreat that strengthens and empowers alumni for future challenges they encounter.

2 Special Night Events: Albert Motessi and Edwin Santiago

The Marketplace – Biblical empowerment

Many people at some point in their lives find themselves on the leading edge of a new venture. Living the excitement of those times and working to get their ideas across can bring out the best God has for them.

Whether you are just starting out in business, or years in business or profession, biblical teachings and inspiring messageswill be shared during this special time devoted to setting aside for God’s Kingdom business. You are God’s voice in the marketplace of today, and He has a special message for you

Advanced Leadership Training

This unique program provides advance Biblical studies for Christian ministers and professional leaders. You will be prepared to powerfully increase your influence in the work God has for now and for your destiny. Instructors provide “leaders reaching leaders” format as they share their Biblical and experiential wisdom needed today. Separate TMP facilities enable leaders to focus on God and receive powerful, life changing teachings from His word.

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  Gilmer Mucha Meza

    Representante en Perú
Saenz Peña 1107
    Callo, Peru
  Tel Igle.: (511) 465 0361
  Tel Casa: (511) 429 4296
  Celular: (511) 99 618 7725
  Celular: (511) 98 036 5447


  Irene De Segovia

    Directora de “Misión TMP Entrenamiento de Liderazgo Internacional” en Guayaquil, Ecuador  
  Tel: (593-4) 600 7426  
    (593-4) 277 7651  
  Patricio Venegas

    Representante en Quito y Provincia del Pichincha, Ecuador  
  Tel: (593-2) 264 1988  
  Cel: (593-9) 897 4005  


  Dr. Felipe González

    Representante en Canadá  
    120 Widdicombe Hill Blvd.  
    Toronto Ontario M9R 4A6  
  Tel: (416) 244-5982  

Estados Unidos

  Oficinas Principales de TMP

    P.O.BOX: 533727  
    Harlingen TX 78553  
  Tel: (956) 421 3911  
    (956) 412 3787