Tell My People


Activity Report Protocol

Tell My People, Inc. (TMP), requires an Activity Report for every alumni applying for License and Ordination by this Ministry. Every person ordained by TMP must send an Activity report to our main email every 6 months. The Activity Reports must have:

  1. Full name and location of the applicant. Contact information, Phone number, email address, physical address.
  2. Description of the location that the applicant is ministering: Nations, States and cities.
  3. Description of service with pictures.
  4. Description of how the applicant is reaching the community that he/she is serving
  5. Description of what the plan for personal growth in the calling and excellence of the calling.
  6. The applicant must send a reference letter from someone who knows him/her and can give reference of the ministry.

The Activity Report is also required for renewal of License or Ordination. (See Ministry Accreditation Policy)