Tell My People


Mirelis Agramonte, Dominican Republic, 2012 TMP graduate. “I want you to know that through the teachings I learned in TMP God has given me messages of faith unimaginable to me. It is as if I touched the invisible. In each one of the churches, where I have preached these messages, the glory of God has been with me and I could see how the Spirit of God convinced the people. God used me to strengthen the faith of His people. What a great gift! It was very necessary for me to receive TMP Training; for me, my family and for many others. How I yearn to see you again. Thank you.”

Mirelis is a doctor, served in the DR military, and had been serving with her husband in a denominational church. When their hard religious rules began to affect her family, she knew God had much more to teach her and applied for the TMP training. What a marvelous change from a hard heart to one open to God’s great love and compassion.