Tell My People


TMP-ordained Pastors Samuel and Genara Santa Maria, 2006-2007 graduates; Samuel is a TMP ordained minister. They were overcome with the teachings they heard of the love of God. “Our eternal gratitude goes to all in TMP who gave us this opportunity.”

After returning to their home church, they began reaching out to children who had no shoes. They have provided over 10,000 pairs of tennis shoes to poverty-stricken children, demonstrating the love of Jesus by first washing their feet, putting socks on them, and then shoes. They have been given access to hardened teenage criminals in prisons where “Our purpose is to unite the two most dangerous gangs in Peru under Jesus Christ (each gang has approximately 1000 members)”.

Samuel and Genara have worked with teenagers in their church who now join them in washing the feet of the hardest criminal youth gangs, youths their own age, and giving them new shoes as they share the love of Christ. The Santa Maria’s are producing young disciples filled with the love of Christ.